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Good Carbs vs Bad Cards September 8, 2010

Carbohydrates are sugars that are broken down quickly and efficiently, thus providing your body with the essential energy it needs.

“Good” carbs include those found in high-fiber fruits and vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, unrefined whole grain products and certain types of rice, such as brown and wild. In other words, foods still in their natural state or that are mostly similar to their natural state. 

 “Bad” carbs include those found in white pasta, white rice, candy, soda and many breads and other baked goods made with refined white flour. 

So, what makes bad carbs so bad? During food processing, fiber — which takes longer to digest and helps curb cravings — often is removed to produce a smoother texture and to extend the shelf life of a final product. And while you may consider that final product as “tastier,” all you’re consuming is a lot of refined sugar (empty calories!), and little to no nutritional value.  

The hard truth:
Eat too many bad carbs and you can almost guarantee weight gain

**courtesy of Club Pilates San Diego**


How Sweet?! January 2, 2010

Here is a great way to limit or eliminate the white refined sugars we eat. Try substituting with these sweeteners next time you do some baking. (and let me know how it turns out!)

(from the magazine Women’s Health)


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