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Dairy Recall November 17, 2011

Have you heard about the Dairy Recall?

I try hard to stay away from dairy. At first it wasn’t easy, but as time went on it got easier. Now my body thanks me! Dairy causes so many problems with in the body that we really aren’t mean to process it. Did you know we are the only species that drinks another species milk… gross if you ask me…

If you haven’t already I HIGHLY recommend checking out an alternative milk. There are so many choices out there now (almond milk, rice milk, hemp milk, oat milk… you name it)… Give it a shot… you have nothing to lose. If anything you will gain a healthier body!


Raw Cheese Ordered Destroyed—With No Evidence of Contamination October 24, 2010

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What a shame!!

I’m a huge fan of raw cheese. Regular milk/cheese gives me a lot of issues, but when I eat raw cheese I have ZERO issues. Makes you wonder what they are really doing to milk/cheese when it is pasteurized.

Cheese Ordered Destroyed—With No Evidence of Contamination.


‘Organic Moo News’ June 1, 2010

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For those of you who drink milk might find this of interest:

*Women’s Health Magazine



Milk August 4, 2009

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My friend passed this article on to me and I thought it was so good I wanted to share it with everyone!! (Thanks Kristen!)

The article is called: Devil in the Milk


Spinach and Calcium March 26, 2009

Spinach is an excellent source of calcium, however the binding factors in the plant prevent much of its absorption. Our bodies can’t absorb more than 500 mg of calcium at any one time. This means as the amount of the calcium in a single meal or supplement goes up, the fraction or amount we absorb goes down. With this in mind, it is important to consume calcium rich foods throughout the day, rather relying on a high dose supplement.

Check out the chart below:


Food Serving Size Calcium per serving Absorption Rate Estimated Amt of Calcium Absorbed
Plain yogurt, skim milk 8 fl. Oz 488mg 32% 156mg
2% Milk 1 cup 314mg 32% 100mg
Skim Milk 1 cup 306mg 32% 98mg
Kale, cooked 1 cup 179mg 59% 106mg
Broccoli, chopped, cooked 1 cup 61mg 61% 37mg
Spinach 1 cup 291mg 5% 14mg


Adults 19-50 (men and women) the AI is 1,ooo mg per day and for men and women 50+ the AI is 1,200 mg per day.

Deficiency symptoms/related diseases:

– osteoporosis

– bone fractures

– convulsions

– muscle spasms

– heart failure

– bleeder’s disease


Try this instead of that…. January 1, 2009

Bringing in the New Year many of us try and make a conscience effort to eat better. Below I created a chart to jump start your New Year with some healthy options. Enjoy and Happy New Year!

Instead of:

Try this:

Even better:

french Fries

baked potato

baked sweet potato

canned vegetables

frozen vegetables

fresh vegetables


100% fruit juice

water with lemon

milk chocolate

70% or more dark chocolate

grain sweetened chocolate

cows milk

vanilla silk soy milk

unsweetened silk soy milk

white pasta

whole wheat pasta

spelt pasta

potato chips

100% stone ground chips


canned fruit

dried fruit

fresh fruit

ice berg lettuce

romaine lettuce


Raisin Bran

Puffins (Barbara’s Bakery)


Nature  Valley granola bars

Barbara’s Bakery granola bars

lara bars or bora bora bars




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