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Cut Poison Burn September 21, 2011

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Another great one to see when it is available!!


Wellness Warrior November 28, 2010

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Tis the season for healthy eating to go out the window. It starts with Thanksgiving usually ends with Christmas or New Year’s Eve. It is hard to resist moms mashed yams or grandmas pumpkin pie or all the holiday treats that are out once a year. I had a friend recently post on her facebook that she was finding it hard to resist all of Trader Joe’s holiday cookies. I don’t blame her! They do have some pretty tasty goodies that come out and you can only get them during the holidays. Then there is also all the  holiday craziness that goes on (shopping, holiday parties…)

With all that said I urge you to keep up your exercise routine. If you aren’t on one it is NEVER to late to start. You do not have to wait until the beginning of the year. If anything starting now will help you fight all those unwanted pounds that may linger around the holidays.

One way that helps motivate me in fighting all the unwanted holiday sweets is by reading blogs and finding new recipes to test out. I randomly came across this blog and LOVE it!! It is called The Wellness Warrior. This lady has over come cancer by alterative means (no radiation, medicines…). I am always interested in alterative health ways verse conventional medicine. Reading her story just makes me realize how bad our food system is. The FDA does not have our best interest at hand and no one is going to look out for you unless you stand a stand and start by looking out for yourself. She also has a bunch of recipes I am looking forward to checking out! Remember you vote with what you purchase.

Happy Holidays!!


“Cleaning the Henhouse” September 7, 2010

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An interesting article I found: Cleaning the Henhouse

Your thoughts?


Susan G. Komen for the Cure makes mockery of self with KFC pinkwashing campaign (opinion) April 22, 2010

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I thought this was very interesting!

Your thoughts?


Cancer Causing Chemicals June 3, 2009

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Dangers of cancer-causing chemicals in so-called “natural” shampoo products… look for and avoid all the following potentially toxic ingredients:

• Myreth
• Oleth
• Laureth
• Cateareth (or other “eth” chemicals)
• Polyethylene
• Polethylene Glycol
• Polyoxyethylene
• Oxynol


Soy Products June 1, 2009

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Soy products:
Soy can be good for you, but be careful how much you intake depending on your potential cancer risk. Soy contains isoflavones, several phytochemicals and plant-based estrogen, which have been linked to decreased risk of hormone-dependent cancers such as breast or endometrial cancer.

However, high doses of soy could actually elevate cancer risk for women at-risk for estrogen-responsive cancers, such as breast cancer. Women at-risk or who have breast cancer should consume only moderate amounts of soy foods as part of a healthy, plant-based diet. They should not ingest high levels of soy in their diet or take concentrated sources of soy, such as soy-containing pills, powders or supplements containing high amounts of isoflavones.

Consume modest amounts of soy foods as part of a healthy plant-based diet, either within your diet or as supplements.

(curtisity of Henry’s Market)


Red and Processed Meats May 30, 2009

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Red and processed meats:

Be careful of the amount of red meats you consume, especially if they look a little too red. As reported by the American Institute for Cancer Research and the World Cancer Research Fund, there is convincing evidence linking consumption of red and processed meat to elevated cancer risk. Every 48 grams of these processed products consumed per day bumps up the risk of colorectal cancer by 21 percent.

Some researchers suggest the connection may be due to nitrites, which are added to many luncheon meats, hams and hot dogs to maintain color and to prevent contamination with bacteria. Also, the production of processed meats involves smoke and/or salt, both of which increase the products’ exposure to potential cancer-causing agents.

(curtisity of Henry’s Market)


Green Tea January 6, 2009

Did you know green tea has many health benefits? For starters it is loaded with antioxidants (EGCG). Secondly, it can reduce muscle soreness for those of you who exercise.  Some studies have also shown that green tea inhibits the growth of cancer cells meaning it kills cancer cells without harming healthy tissue. Other studies have also shown that green tea can help with reducing rheumatoid arthritis, high cholesterol levels and cardiovascular disease. Of course we can’t depend on green tea alone, but instead we should include green tea in our healthy diets.


The down fall of green tea would be that is it has a fair amount of caffeine.  I would recommend that you drink no more than two cups a day and also include plenty of water in your diet. Too much caffeine can cause nervousness, irritability, anxiety, heart palpitations and headaches.


If you don’t care for the taste of green tea try squeezing some lemon in it to give it more flavor, but try not to undermine the great benefits green tea has to offer by adding sugar. There is also a brand called Numi and they have a Jasmine Green Tea which is excellent and doesn’t taste so bland as regular green tea. I have also come across that different brands of green teas taste different so don’t knock green tea if you have only tried one brand. Find one that works for you and include it in your daily diet.


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