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How Soda Effects Your Body! November 28, 2010

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Wellness Warrior

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Tis the season for healthy eating to go out the window. It starts with Thanksgiving usually ends with Christmas or New Year’s Eve. It is hard to resist moms mashed yams or grandmas pumpkin pie or all the holiday treats that are out once a year. I had a friend recently post on her facebook that she was finding it hard to resist all of Trader Joe’s holiday cookies. I don’t blame her! They do have some pretty tasty goodies that come out and you can only get them during the holidays. Then there is also all the  holiday craziness that goes on (shopping, holiday parties…)

With all that said I urge you to keep up your exercise routine. If you aren’t on one it is NEVER to late to start. You do not have to wait until the beginning of the year. If anything starting now will help you fight all those unwanted pounds that may linger around the holidays.

One way that helps motivate me in fighting all the unwanted holiday sweets is by reading blogs and finding new recipes to test out. I randomly came across this blog and LOVE it!! It is called The Wellness Warrior. This lady has over come cancer by alterative means (no radiation, medicines…). I am always interested in alterative health ways verse conventional medicine. Reading her story just makes me realize how bad our food system is. The FDA does not have our best interest at hand and no one is going to look out for you unless you stand a stand and start by looking out for yourself. She also has a bunch of recipes I am looking forward to checking out! Remember you vote with what you purchase.

Happy Holidays!!


Costco Cheese RECALL November 7, 2010

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