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The Beautiful Truth August 27, 2010

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If you know me you know that I love to eat healthy and I rarely eat anything processed. I love going to my local farmers market and buying fresh fruits and vegetables. I also believe that  diet can play a huge role in disease and illness prevention.

I watched another eye-opening movie called The Beautiful Truth. I recommend it to all of you. It mainly talks about cancer cures and preventions through the Gerson Therapy which is “bring the power of plants in to your diet to nurture your cells”. One thing I liked what this movie showed was that it showed high-tech (might not be the right word) photos of organic vs. non organic foods and how organic foods have so much more ‘life’.

I rented the movie “The Beautiful Life” so I am sure you can find it on Netflix and or your local movie rental place. Again I highly recommend it … and remember you don’t have to agree with everything is says, but I am sure you will at least learn something you didn’t know before.



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