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Popcorn…Buyer Beware… December 30, 2009

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Do you buy popcorn when you go to the movie theaters? Buyer beware next time you stop to buy some popcorn, you may be getting more than you bargain for.

Thanks to the Nutrition Action Health Letter we now know what we getting when we ask for a large tub of popcorn. To get the full story click here.


Who’s Benefiting From Genetic Engineering? December 29, 2009

Found this short article. What are your thoughts?


Food, Inc. — Get Your Copy Today! December 28, 2009

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Guess what? Food, Inc. has been finally released on DVD. Fantastic movie for everyone! I recommend you get your copy today. I got mine! If you don’t want to buy it I highly recommend you try to rent it. Worth the watch!




Understanding Labels December 27, 2009

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When a label says Organic do you know what it means? When it come to labels and companies selling thier products, marketing can be tricky to the consumer.

I found these short explainations that can help you understand what you are really purchasing when something says “organic” or “natural”. You can click on each one to make it larger to read it!


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