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Cinnamon February 5, 2009


Who knew such a simple spice could be so good for you. Check out the facts on cinnamon below!

Reasons to eat cinnamon:

         might help control blood sugar, cholesterol and triglyceride levels

         studies have shown that is strengthens the cells’ sensitivity to insulin, which is important for those who may be diabetic

         suggested amount of a half teaspoon a day for 40 days might reduce blood sugar levels and triglycerides


Great ways to add cinnamon into your diet:

         try oatmeal with cinnamon

         toast with a little butter and cinnamon

         even some plain yogurt with cinnamon




One Response to “Cinnamon”

  1. oneppo Says:

    Dude, cinnamon is awesome. I love cinnamon, especially cinnamon buns. I’m betting that the other ingredients in a cinnamon bun counteract the positive effect though. Bummer. I’ll stick with the more natural and healthy Cinnamon Puffins cereal 😉

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