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Hunger vs. Appetite December 16, 2008

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Hunger is a physiological drive for food that occurs when the body senses that we need to eat… the drive is not specific.

Appetite is a psychological desire to consume specific foods… the sight of chocolate cake, the smell of fresh coffee stimulates our senses, prompting a pleasant emotion and often memories.


4 Responses to “Hunger vs. Appetite”

  1. hawaiiBob Says:

    Here’s a real good recipe from Maui. Most ingredients can be gotten from a good chinese market. The top garnish of caviar is really salty so I advise leaving it off and letting the diners add it as they like.

    Haleakala Crator Sushi

    Source: Chef Ben Marquez, Maui Community College

    5 oz fresh crab meat
    5 oz prepared guacamole
    3 c rice, cooked
    ¼ c mayonnaise
    1 T scallions, minced
    1 T wasabi powder
    3 T mayonnaise
    1 tsp Ko Chu jung
    3 tsp mayonniase
    1 T Tobiko caviar

    Squeeze crabmeat of all excess water.
    Combine with 1/4 cup mayonnaise and scallions.

    Combine wasabi powder with 3 tablespoons mayonnaise, mix until smooth and place in squeeze bottle.

    Combine Ko Chu jung with 3 tablespoons mayonnaise, mix until smooth and place in squeeze bottle.

    Place rice in the bottom of a 3-inch ring mold. Top rice with guacamole.

    Top guacamole with crabmeat mixture. Squeeze sauces over to garnish as desired. Garnish the top with caviar.

    Aloha yall

  2. nutritiouslife12 Says:

    Awesome. Thanks for the recipe! I will have to try this!! It sounds really good!

  3. hawaiiBob Says:

    Oh my god, you have got to try this. This is truely heaven in paradise. I didn’t know how much “4 pc papaya” was so I just used 4 small papayas. The papayas act as a natural meat tenderizer. The only other thing I changed was I just dumped the ribs into the sauce instead of just painting it on and let it marinade like that overnight. It will turn that lowly pig into the devine swine. BTW this is so good it’s barely enough for 4. Finished on a grill with mesquite smoke is best. Mesquite is called keave out here yall. There’s your dab of knowledge for the day. These are all taste of hawaii recipes and available online. Just do a google search.

    Guava Glazed Baby Back Ribs

    Source: Chef Eric Leterc, Pacific Beach Hotel

    Party size recipe!

    2 gal guava juice
    2 C sherry wine vinegar
    4 pc smoked papaya
    2 T Chinese five spices
    4 oz oyster sauce
    3 T ground black pepper
    1 C sugar
    salt to taste
    15 lb baby back ribs, pork

    Reduce the guava juice to a sauce consistency. Smoke the papaya, seeds removed, skin on. (If you cannot smoke the papaya, use ripe papaya and liquid smoke.) After they’re smoked, scoop out the pulp and add to the guava sauce; add all other ingredients at once. Let simmer for 5-10 minutes and blend with portable mixer.

    Place baby back ribs and cold water in a pot; bring to a boil, then simmer until ribs are soft, almost falling apart. Cool off ribs and spread them with guava glaze. Let marinate overnight or longer. Finish ribs on a barbecue or in hot oven till they have a nice coloration.

  4. nutritiouslife12 Says:

    Thanks so much! This also sounds good!

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