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Bringing Nutrition to Daily Life…. December 9, 2008

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Many of you know I have a passion for health and nutrition and am constantly doing research to learn more. Through this blog I hope to share with you my finding, favorites and much much more.


3 Responses to “Bringing Nutrition to Daily Life….”

  1. Peter Says:

    Cool! I’m glad you’re doing this. It should be a great outlet for you. I know how interested you are in nutrition, and how interested I am in eating better. Now you just need to find something that tastes as good as an Oreo Cookie shake from Carl’s Jr., but has half…uh or more like 1/10th the calories and is nutritious! I’ll be looking for your blog post on that…

  2. Joyce Says:

    I agree with you! If I see that store around here I won’t be shopping there even with a coupon! We really try to stay away from those processed things! You’d have loved my turkey dinner last Sunday!. Even the gravy was thickened with cooked sweet potato, celery, carrots and onion all done in the food processor and stirred back into the broth made by cooking all of that plus the neck, and innards for several hours. . . (and a bit of poultry seasoning!). Then last night.. soup (from the bones), with leftover brown rice and fresh spinach! YUM

    Good job!

  3. nutritiouslife12 Says:

    Your turkey dinner sounds awesome! I am sure it was fantastic! Glad to hear you made the gravy on your own. That is the best kind 🙂

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